Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have been thinking about how this trip to Kamchatka, Russia, has affected me. In so doing I am reminded of all the prophetic words I have received over the years that have encouraged me to have confidence. Confidence in God and confidence in the ministry that He has given me. If there was any area that I was truly weak in this was the area.

The fear of man has from time to time restricted the flow of the Holy Spirit in me to a trickle. Yet when I am in Kamchatka, they expect me to be a prophet. They expect me to have good sermons and prophetic words. They expect me to have wisdom from the Lord. This expectation made a demand on the anointing within me and the Holy Spirit responded.

I have been amazed over and over again just how deeply the Lord has moved through what I have said. At the first Sunday service at which I spoke a young woman was leading the congregation in worshipping God through music. She was new to me and she had a wonderful spirit. Her face shown with the presence of the Lord. Afterwards, she came to me and, through a translator of course, told me that I had prophesied over her about nine years ago when she was a young girl that one day she would lead the congregation in worship. And this was the very day that that word was fulfilled. That Sunday was her first time leading the congregation, and I just happened to be there to witness it.

I was so blessed. I vaguely remembered prophesying over her yet the reality of what the Lord had done for both her and me was stunning. She knew that God has been guiding her life and that she was in his will, and I had my confidence in the Lord’s anointing elevated.

So I have determined not to fear man. I have determined not to be overly concerned what others may feel about me so that I am afraid to be me. Why? The issue is not me, but the Lord’s anointing. And the Lord’s anointing rests upon me. Me, as I am. So for the Lord’s sake I will be confident – confident in Him and His anointing in my life. He has proven to me that the anointing is real.

I am so grateful to the Lord for opening this door for me in Russia. Through it He has blessed both me and those to whom I have been sent. His is worthy of all praise. Lord, you truly amaze me with your ability to bless and help us see your love and be your love extended to others in this world.

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