Sunday, April 25, 2010

Faith Reasonings

I am reading Robert Webber's book Ancient-Future Faith. I came across a place that accurately describes why I entitled this blog Faith Reasonings. Webber is talking about the differences in approach to the Bible between moderns, both liberal and conservative, and a postmodern point of view. On page 46 he writes "The issue in a postmodern world is not to prove the Bible, but to restore the message of the Bible, a message which, when proclaimed by the power of the Spirit, takes up residence in those who know how to hear."

Then, even more to my point, he writes, "This message is an event oriented perception of the world... The center of the message is person and work of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the authoritative interpretation of this event... In this classical/postmodern view we have shifted from an understanding of the Bible that results in faith to a faith that results in understanding the Bible... The mystery of the person and work of Christ proclaimed is the starting point of faith, not a rational argumentation that seeks to prove the Bible to be correct."

My rationale for naming this blog faith reasonings is just this: it is faith doing the reasoning. This is seen in Abraham believing God's command to sacrifice his own son, and reasoning from there to a resurrection based upon the earlier promises that the Abraham would have as many children as there are stars in heaven and sand by the sea through this very son Isaac.

That kind of reasoning is what I hope to have. The kind of reasoning that builds on what God has said and done to even clearer perceptions. It is faith reasoning, not reasoning to faith.

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