Monday, March 14, 2011

From Panama #2

We are doing well, starting our second week here. The first week was teaching. We are near the pacific ocean, but we drove 2 hours and were at the Caribbean on Saturday! I have never been there before, it was beautiful. Sunday we went to church and relaxed.
Today we are going to a village to meet some family of our friends. In their culture, when you visit you take dinner with you! I like that! Especially since no one has the communication tools to let you know that they are coming.
Tomorrow we are headed 5 hours out into the jungle to spend 3 days at a Mennonite work with the indigenous people. Steve will teach and I will teach how to use a sewing machine, with a simple blouse to make that doesn't require a pattern. Everyone seems to have generators so they have electricity. Then we will be back here for the weekend and home on Monday.

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