Monday, June 27, 2011

The Earth Is Not What It Seams, by Eva Hernandez - age 8

My Song:

Title: The Earth is not what it Seams

The Earth is very special And Everybody Thinks they know a lot about Earth But they Don't!

Because a bunny Does not hop because it is the way it moves. It's hops expres it's Joy

A Horse Does not galip because it's the way it goes fast They galip because it shos the oner that The horse Loves the oner.

A Dalfon Does not Jump over water only to get air. It Jumps over water to have a party with its friends.

a Snake Does not hisss because it is a warning other anmails that it's comming thew it hiss because it Likes to show off!

a camealan Does not Camoflosh because it needs to hiDe. a comealin comofloshises Because it likes to play hide and seek!

a turtle Does not go inside it's shell because it's scared * A Turtle goes inside its shell Because it likes it's home and it likes to dootle around.


A Person Does not talk because it is the way it comutecats. It talks because it is how it makes friends each & every Day.


as you can See the Earth is not what it seems!


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