Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still In Russia

I am so blessed to have an access to the internet. So, how are things going Steve? Let me answer that.

In a word, great. I am teaching from 9-12 every morning. My class is on the Holy Spirit and His gifts. When I asked the class if anyone had read the prophet Ezekiel before in order to illustrate John 7 and the river of the Holy spirit, only one person raised their hand. About 20-25 in the classroom at the time. I got to introduce them to Ezekiel! Is that cool or what? We read the whole first chapter together out loud and did the heads ever wag. What is THIS all about? We followed the glory of God throughout the book and saw the God of Israel as He left the temple and landed somewhere else - where the Lord is now. The Lord is there. Where? HERE!!

So the class got a chance to see their inheritance as a believer in Jesus - the Holy Spirit of God. God Himself. It is so much fun to show people at the very ends of the earth how God has included them not only in His plan, but also in His family!

Many of them have left all to follow Jesus. No family history, no brothers and sisters. But now they who were a long way away have been brought so near that they are His family. Abraham is our father as a people. We have a shared history. We are a people!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful Steve. Thanks for sharing!