Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Back

Recently I awoke from a dream where I asked the Lord why we had to be like children to enter the kingdom. My thought then went to the desire many of us have to be sure of something before we believe. You know, we want all the facts before we can make a sound judgment. The Lord then indicated to me that the reason we cannot have all the facts before we believe is not that he wants to deny us the facts, it is simply that we would not understand them if he gave them to us. Our conclusions would not be right. Additionally, because of our past experience we would bend the truth into something we could control. Jesus is the Truth and Lord.

So childlike faith is the essential element we provide in coming into the kingdom. This is the kind of faith that trusts someone as a default position. Children have to be taught to distrust strangers. It is a faith that believes what is told to them simply because they trust the one speaking. A simple, complete, faith.

I am looking into my own heart and wondering if my faith can be like this. I know it must. But to do so I must throw away every crutch, every desire, every hope that connects me to this world/age/system. I need to be totally the Lord's. The only thing that hinders my faith is my desire to be something in this world. To have my own stuff, my own life. My life is now the Lord's and not my own. I have given it freely and He took it. He has given me His in return. My life in this world for His. But I must live his.

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