Monday, January 10, 2011

Psalm 23 Digested

In the depths of my closet I found an old prayer journal from the first year I was a Christian. At that time all scripture was new to me. This was my meditation on Psalm 23:

Jesus loves me
He takes care of all my needs
All I need do is ask Jesus to take care of it for me
and wait patiently with expectation
through whatever the circumstances may be
he fulfills my need

Yes, glory to Jesus

I need no more seek to fulfill my own desires
Jesus leads me to them
and presents them to me

Jesus loves me so much
- and he is God -
that he is willing and able to take care of me
even if I should fall
Jesus certainly is love and mercy


Anonymous said...

I love the simple faith. Childlike faith. Thanks for sharing Steve.

Keith K said...

This is one of those "cut it out and tape it to your bathroom mirror" posts. Need to put it right in front and read it first thing ... right when you open your eyes BOOM there it is. First thoughts go right to Christ! Even though the initial turning on of the light will slightly blind you, just squint your way through it and you will be better for it!
So ironic how we let the Christian life can get so complicated. Jesus invades our life initially and we start with that childlike faith. It all seems so simple. Just love Jesus! Easy! just love Christ. And then all the " religious things" take hold. We go to war with the Calvinists or look around to get in a wrestling match with a Baptist over tongues, or put a JW in a spiritual headlock til he comes over to your side... Once you work your way through the religious things then there is the church "things"...
Sometimes you need to just strip everything away and get back to pure Jesus for a while.

Yes, glory to Jesus...

Well done. Thanks for the mirror material.